Today 18K Gold Rate in Patna 2023

18 Carat Gold Rate Today 2023: Check live here Today 18 Karat Gold Price in Patna for 1gm, 8gm, 10gm, and 100gm on 18K gold is 75% pure gold and the remaining 25% is other metals such as copper, silver, or zinc. As you all know gold is a valuable commodity and in today's time, its rates keep changing every day. Here we provide all the latest information related to today's 18-carat gold price and the last 10 days' gold price in 1-gram, 8-gram, 10-gram, and 100-gram.

18 Carat Gold Rate Today

The actual 18 Carat Gold Price Today may vary mainly based on market conditions and other economic factors. In India, gold is considered a precious metal and due to demand and supply in today's time, 18 Carat Gold Rate In Patna Today has seen a gradual increase. If you want to get all the information related to "Gold 18 Carat Price Today" then read this article carefully. 18K Gold Rate Today is available here based on the rate decided by Patna.

Today 18K Gold Rate in Patna - 2023

Today, the 18 Carat Gold rate in Patna is ₹46,720 per 10 grams and ₹4,67,200 for 100 grams. The latest 18 karat gold rate in Patna is updated today as per the industry standards. After 24K gold, 23K gold is considered to be the purest and is a valuable commodity, and the demand for gold remains high. However, the day-to-day increase or decrease in the 18 Carat Gold Rate In Patna Today is due to the demand for gold, demand from the jewelery industry, etc.

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18K Gold Rate Today in Patna

Gold Weight (gm)  18K Gold Rate Today
1 Gram ₹4,672
4 Gram ₹18,688
8 Gram ₹37,376
10 Gram ₹46,720
100 Gram ₹4,67,200

Patna 18Kt Gold Rate Last 10 Days

Date 18Kt Gold Rate
September 1, 2023 ₹4,672
September 2, 2023 ₹4,606
September 3, 2023 ₹4,631
September 4, 2023 ₹4,631
September 5, 2023 ₹4,631
September 6, 2023 ₹4,627
September 7, 2023 ₹4,631
September 8, 2023 ₹4,652
September 9, 2023 ₹4,631
September 10, 2023 ₹4,631

18Kt Gold Price Trend in Patna

Term 18K Today
Last 7 Days₹4,672
Last 30 Days₹4,627
Last 90 Days₹4,799

Latest Updates on "18 Carat Gold Rate Today"

In Patna, gold is being bought and sold as per the latest update of 18K Gold Rate Today. As we said, 18-carat gold is a metal that is made from a mixture of silver, copper, and gold. If you want to know the latest information about 18 karat gold Prices in Patna for specific days, our website is updated daily.

18 karat gold contains 75% pure gold and the remaining 25% is copper, silver, or zinc. Gold being a valuable commodity, its demand is always high and today 18K Gold rate in Patna varies every day. Let us tell you that 18-carat gold is considered soft, beautiful, and pure and is used in jewelry and jewelery in today's time.

Generally, 18 karat gold rate in Patna may vary depending on your location as well. 18K Gold Rate Central Banks Policies, Currency Market Prices keep on changing on daily basis. In India, gold is considered a precious metal so if you are looking to buy or sell gold, you must have instant knowledge of 18 Carat Gold Rate Today.

In today's time, jewelry, rings, bracelets, chains and bracelets are made from 18-carat gold. Various ornaments and jewelery are manufactured using 18 carat gold. Well known for making the highest standard jewelry and ornaments in patna.

Gold Investment In Patna

Gold is always been considered a valuable asset in Patna and around the world and in today's time, investing in 18K gold can be done in various ways. Here we are going to tell the method for investing in gold.

Physical Gold: One can buy 18K gold jewelery or gold coins/bars as per today gold rate. Investors can buy physical gold in the form of gold bars, coins or jewelery from jewelers in Patna. We all know that gold is a costly commodity and while buying jewelery there may be additional charges like making charges and wastage. In today's time it is important to ensure the purity and authenticity of gold before making a purchase.

Gold ETF or Mutual Fund: Gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are investment funds. Many people today are investing in gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or gold-focused mutual funds. Like any other city, gold in Patna offers a convenient way to invest without physical ownership.

How Is the Purity of Gold Evaluated In Patna?

Based on the current market price, 18K gold is one of the precious metals and it is essential to evaluate the purity of the gold. You can go through the following methods to evaluate the purity of gold in Patna.

Hallmarking: From today first in time, check hallmarking on 18K gold jewelry. Let us tell you that the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the hallmark for evaluating the purity of gold in India, which operates the hallmarking system in India including Patna. Today, BIS-hallmarked gold meets the prescribed purity standards.

Karat Meter: Gold is a valuable commodity which is why jewelers and gold testing laboratories in Patna measure the purity of gold using Karat Meter. Karat Meter equipment is X-ray technology also called gold testing machine. You can visit a trusted jeweler or testing center to evaluate the 18K gold rate today and know the purity of the gold item.

In this article, we have shared with you all the information related to "18 Carat Gold Rate Today". Hope you have liked the information on the 18-Carat gold price in this article.

FAQs on 18 Carat Gold Price Today

Q: What is the 18 Carat Gold Price Today?

Ans: Today 18 Carat Gold Price is Rs. 4,672.00 for 1 Gram.

Q: How pure is 18-carat gold?

Ans: 18K gold contains 75% pure gold. The remaining 25% in 18K gold is alloyed with other metals such as copper, silver, or zinc.

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